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We deliver innovative ideas to infuse your business with the best and latest of mobile technology

You have an App Idea

We create a user story by asking the questions


We create weireframes to identify problems before they arise

Feature Set

We define the elements as development guidelines for coding

Graphic Design

We refine the appearence of elements till you're pleased

App store launch

The new app is ready for download

Beta Release

For your review purpose, we setup the app at staging within a limited group

Our enterprise mobile application developers have built and delivered complex applications globally. We are very much aware of the calibre of mobile application technologies in its sole nature of nurturing markets in these days and age. Mobile application developer’s team at Hardesen are busy in their schedule to make people’s life a bit more comfortable, creative and entertaining through the easy-to-use mobile apps. They continue to improve, develop and evolve new featured apps.

The experience that we gained from our continuous efforts in mobile application development enables us to create highly reliable and amazingly light (Optimized) innovative enterprise apps in major mobile platforms like ios, Android and Windows Mobile. We are highly capable of custom designing the mobile applications as per the customer’s choice, need and suggestions.


We have a structured time frame and development plan for our customer’s iphone application idea. We perform a feasibility analysis to measure the technical, operational and economical feasibility of every ios app project before starting the development. We know how ‘apple’ is concerned about the security aspects of the applications which are waiting for their approvals to get lined in the play store. So we carefully optimize the application and add only necessary permissions which may not black list in future for accessing user’s private data


We love building android apps , because as a developer , we get so much support form Google and the tech world for the every stuck up points, if any. Beyond that android mobile phones are also in the same page as our India is ‘Unity in diversity.’ Just because there are so much android phones out there with different screen size, pixels, CPU, motherboard and RAMs (norms of OHA).
We utilize all the possibilities of the SDK platform through the best development tools and libraries from Google.

Cross Platform

The collection of mobile devices, which is powered by different platforms and the need for multi-device support demands cross-platform compatibility of mobile apps. If you are looking for apps to run in multiple platforms, one single development base will makes more sense than building native applications. This will help you to reduce cost, improve the app reachability and save time for the development. We provide support through the most popular corss-platform development frameworks like Cordova, ionic, xamarin, kony, sencha etc.

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