Agile Development Methodology

We Love Agile Development

Hardesen's always maintain a strict development process, which is a progressive approach, so that customer always interact with the application in the every stages. This is a creative process which invloves trial and error method. Chances of getting failed can be minimized by following the best practices in the industry such as reviews, testing and continuous integration.

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    Project Initiation

    Listing & documenting all the features, a business owner needs. Effort estimate is calculated. A priority list is created which will be the product backlog

  2. 2

    Product backlog

    Maintained & refined throughout the project life cycle. New requirements may be added up , and estimates might change in that case. Priorities may also end-up changing

  3. 3


    Average two weeks duration for every sprints. A planning meeting is there before the sprint. List of features to completed is decided (sprint backlog)

"We follow principles and techniques of agile development, where developers and business team work together. Product is developed, stage by stage in iterations. Customer can use the software from the early stages. We strictly do unit testing on every stages." - Sreehari R

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